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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Ship that Vanderworth Built has posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of "The Gertrude" featuring production sketches and 360 panoramic set views.
director Bryan Singer and production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas were intent to make their movie the ideal third chapter in the series. "Hopefully you can see it and go 'okay, this fits in,'" says Dyas. "And it will. We kept the designs similar, with only a few departures." Apart from the series' more well-known designs - such as The Daily Planet, the Fortress of Solitude, and the Kent family farm - Superman Returns' grand stylistic departure is Lex Luthor's extraordinarily opulent motor vessel: The Gertrude.
Click the link above to view set layouts, 3d renderings, and a handful of Quicktime VR tours of the amazing ship.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

UK People - Win a Superman Returns Bonus DVD

The Daily Record, has started a token collecting experience with the fantastic prize of A Superman Returns Bonus DVD. As the page tells, this DVD contains unseen stuff.
Your free DVD contains fantastic material from the new film that you won't find anywhere else, including unseen movie footage, film trailers and much more - giving you an unmissable sneak preview of this eagerly anticipated blockbuster.
If you're living in Uk.. what are you waiting for? You can check more details on this related news:

Free Superman Returns Bonus DVD

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Superman Returns preparing to beat the Video game market

Despite bad critics from the media, Superman Returns is still up for another battle. Winning the videogame market.

We've seen the games: impressive graphics, next-gen console game. But will it live to the expectations?. I really doubt it, in special, after knowing that EA is making the game. EA has done a lot of cool games, but with movie franchises well, they don't do much good.

Anyway, I wish I had an Xbox 360, so I could play the "cool" version. :D

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Superman Returns AND produce big returns

It seems at the end Imax has done a big load of money with Superman Returns. Grossing $6.83 million for the giant-screen exhibitor in its first seven-day box-office run, Superman Returns has been a success at least financially speaking, but at the end, yo know, we want you to tell us what you think of the movie itself.

Is sR a Super deception or not?

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Photos from the Iowa Premiere

If you hadn't heard, last Sunday a special premiere of Superman Returns was shown in Iowa, not far from Brandon Routh's home town. Danny was there, and he sent us this link to dozens of photos he took at the event. Brandon, his family, and his girlfriend Courtney were in attendance, and it looks like a super time was had by all.

Click here to check out the pics!

Sooperman on Google

To celebrate the release of Superman Returns, Google and Warner Bros. are teaming up to give users the inside scoop on the summer blockbuster. Go here for trailers and exclusive behind the scenes clips. You can also track the hero as he travels the globe - the Google map contains shield icons that mark the various Superman sightings throughout the world. The page features two brand new behind the scenes videos from SR, "Casting Brandon Routh," and "On the Set with Bryan Singer." Click the link above to check them out, along with cool GoogleMap interaction with Bryan's Video Journals.

Superman Returns! In theaters NOW!

The man of steel is back! Check out the full movie review below, be warned it has some spoilers for those who havn't seen the movie yet!

Superman Full Movie Review

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Prequel Comic Covers!

Get an exclusive first look at the covers to the upcoming Superman Returns prequel comics being published by DC Comics. The four comics, which set the stage for Superman's return on June 28th, start hitting comic retailer shelves this week. To view the covers, click a thumbnail below.

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2 New Posters + Tickets On Sale!

JimJimBinks has posted a new photo he took of a bus stop poster he found in Los Angeles, California. You can view the poster here, and join in the discussion about it at The Planet You can also check out a new International Poster here.

Additionally, tickets for opening night showings of Superman Returns has already begun to sell at online ticket vendors like and, so make sure you get yours before they're sold out!

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AlienWare Superman Computer Revealed

AlienWare, the company known for their custom skinned super home computers, has put up their website today for their perfectly timed Superman-themed PC and Laptop. You can view the site here! The site has tons of info on the computers, and a special look into an AlienWare Superman commercial that will be hitting theaters soon!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Superman Online Updates (Contests & Sweepstakes)

Today comes a trio of Superman Returns online updates. First, the official site has added a mobile phone contest in which you can win a great Superman Returns Prize Package. Details below:

Text "TRIVIA" to 43892* - Sign up for Superman Mobile Trivia and show us what you've got.

Text "SWEEPS" to 43892* for your chance to win. Three lucky winners will receive a prize pack of official Superman Returns items including a Metropolis track jacket, t-shirts, hats, dog tags and more! Click here for Official Rules.

Text "PLANET" to 43892* to stay on top of the latest Superman Returns news and events leading up to the June 30th premiere.

Text "S" to 43892* for tones, wallpapers, and more! Get a FREE Superman Returns wallpaper, and check out the Superman Returns mobile action-adventure game!

Click the link above for official rules on the contest. In addition, the Year of Superman site has been updated with information on some new special offers to expect in retail stores soon, including DVD's with discounted SR tickets in them!

Lastly, Pepsi has updated a new site - - with early details on a Superman Returns promotion they'll be running. Apparently, consumers will be looking for "Capture Lex" codes inside of specially marked packages of Pepsi. No word on prizes as of yet, but keep checking the site for details!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taiwanese Superman Returns Poster Revealed

The Taiwanese poster for Superman Returns has made it's way to the internet, with another great shot of Superman in flight. I think it's safe to say that the SR worldwide marketing has gotten moving in a big way.
(click image to see larger)

Superman Returns International Trailer

All weekend, reports have been coming in from around the web that the international trailer for Superman Returns was beginning to show with films around the world. This afternoon, it was found online, and can be viewed with the links below:

Quicktime - 56K | 100K | 300K | 500K
YouTube - link

Planet member "Shinobi" has even posted a version for your mobile phone, which you can get here.

Superman Returns 4th TV Spot

Well, if the Simpsons hasn't already played for you, there's still time. Apparently the first commercial of the second break in tonight's episode of The Simpsons contains the new 4th TV spot for Superman Returns. It's already being discussed here, and keep an eye on BlueTights tonight as there will likely be digital versions emerging online shortly.

UPDATE: hlbimage has posted this video capture of the spot. Thanks! The clip is also now available on YouTube.

Superman Returns TV Spot #3

Well, the third Superman Returns TV spot aired tonight on "America's Funniest Videos." has posted links to three copies of the file, which you can find here. Also keep an eye on the Superman Returns news page and iTunes, where they will no doubt be appearing shortly in higher quality.

UPDATE: The 3rd TV Spot is now available on YouTube. You can see it there, and get code to place it on your site or MySpace profile.